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Hon. Dr. Doris Sartor - Our new President.1st VP Ronnie Hawkins  chairs his first Region IV Executive Committee  MeetingBoard of Directors = BoDHon Faye Stewart makes a point as Director Katherine Cage assesses same...BoD listens and reacts...BoD MeetingForward looking attendee...Abe Borum traveled from afar to attendR to L = Mathew Fogg, Jesse Sharpe,  & friend in the lobby."Red" in the BoD meetingHon. David Groves makes his point!A study in B&WExcitement in the BoD MeetingJames Cain and Gerald Reed strike a poseHigh finance considerations! Old & New President Pow-Wow with the Treasurer...Doris, he didn't mean it...OK, you're forgiven...Reeves & FoggDistractedReed & Co.